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Splinter is on tour this autumn. Check back for updates. 


written by Martha Loader, directed by Amy Wyllie, co-produced by Karen Goddard. 

Jac - Hatty Ashton

Jac - Caroline Rippin

Maggie - Henri Merriam 

Maggie and a Jac are an ordinary couple. Maggie and Jac were an ordinary couple. But Maggie is forgetting things and she can't help wondering if that is ordinary after all.  Splinter is about love and memory and what happens when you start to lose both.

Developed with Arts Council Funding. Thanks go to Playwrights East, Eastern Angles Theatre and The Seagull Theatre. 

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Watch our Script in hand performance of Splinter filmed at the Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft. 

Thanks to Joshua Dickinson

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