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“I know we said for better and for worse. And when I said it then I really meant it. But you don’t know then. Just how much worse it can be.”
Maggie is an impulsive free spirit and would like stay that way, so when she meets Jac, she struggles to fulfil Jac’s need for a stable relationship. But after she loses her job, Maggie and Jac must face the fact that an early onset Dementia diagnosis is going tochange the shape of both of their lives forever. But Maggie has never needed anybody before and the relationship starts to fracture as both try to hold on.  From Play Nicely Theatre and written by Martha Loader, Splinter is about love and memory and what happens when you start to lose both.

Cast and Creatives

Directed by                  Amy Wyllie                    Written by               Martha Loader

Maggie                         Henri Merriam               Technician                Freddy Neaves
Jac 1                             Sarah Livingstone
Jac 2                             Caroline Rippin              Pre production SM   Penny Griffin 

Designer                        Becca Gibbs                  Marketing              Benjamin Willmott
Lighting Design             Josh Harley
Sound Design                Paul Thompson             Assistant Producer  Mark Finbow
Poster Design                Martha Hegarty




"This play is engaging, heartwarming and touching. It brings to reality the way dementia creeps into someone’s life slowly and so silently and the huge painful impact it can have. The writing is clever... The actors are brilliant."

London Pub Theatres Magazine

"a hauntingly heartbreaking ode to love and memory"
At its core, Splinter by Martha Loader is a sensitive and respectful play about dementia, told through the devastating lifecycle of a relationship as it disintegrates in the imagination. It is a straightforward story told extraordinarily well, and with magnificent nuance.

London Theatre 1

"A bold and intriguing production that tackles a topic still quite rarely seen on stage."
Splinter Portrait_edited.jpg

Award Nominations 


We are delighted that we were awarded an Offcomm - an  Offies Commendation for shows with a limited run, as well as being nominated for a Standing Ovation Award.

Rehearsal shots by Penny
Production Shots from Charlotte (Bishy Barnabee Photography)
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